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International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

IBAN is an international bank account number that is linked to all accounts in the EU countries, as well as Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Hungary. IBAN is a code that identifies the country to which the account belongs, the bank of the account holder and the account number itself. IBAN simplifies and improves the processing speed of international payments.

Advantages of IBAN accounts with PayDo

PayDo IBAN is an alternative to traditional bank accounts, providing increased efficiency and a digital approach to banking.

You can open and manage IBAN remotely from the EU, EEA or any other country. PayDo IBAN accounts provide individuals and legal entities with all the benefits of a European bank account without the necessity to create a European legal entity.

Through this account, individual and corporate clients can receive and send money, store and exchange currencies.

How to receive PayDo IBAN requisites?

An application for obtaining IBAN requisites is submitted during account verification. It is one of the verification steps. A user fills in a short form where providing information about activities or the activities of the company (depending on the type of account) and specifies the location of your counterparties (incoming and outgoing transfers).

If, while the verification process you miss a requisite obtaining application step, it can be done at any time on the Bank Details page. Also, generated requisites, after account verification, will be shown on the same page.

Where to find IBAN requisites?

You can find the IBAN requisites for a personal account on the Bank Details page. If you do not yet have individual details, on the same page you can fill in a short form and apply for an IBAN.

Types of requisites

PayDo offers each client two payment requisites:

Individual IBAN for SEPA, SWIFT payments via EUR and an additional multicurrency IBAN for SEPA, SWIFT via EUR, GBR, RUB.

For individuals we issue payment requisites via EUR with your name, placed in the sender/receiver field.

For corporate clients we issue payment requisites via EUR with the name of your company in the sender/receiver field.

If you are going to receive and send funds via multicurrency requisites – always indicate the payment reference. It guarantees the payment will be processed timely. The payment reference is easy to find – it is the last line of your multicurrency requisites.

You can accept and send payments in any currencies, but if the currency is not supported by PayDo, the payment amount will be converted into the available currency at the rate of the issuing bank.

It is important to indicate the valid IBAN when sending payments. If one enters irrelevant requisites – we will send money to the wrong receiver and You will be debited the payment for the operation. Also, check the propriety of a Payment reference and always indicate/transmit it when using a multicurrency account.