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Common questions

When creating a payment, I receive the message “Project for this public key is not verified”, what should I do?
It means that your project has not yet been verified. After verification, you will be able to create payments via the API.
We are not receiving IPN notifications.
To send IPN notifications, we need to know the address where to send notifications. Make sure you provide the correct address on the project page.
When receiving an IPN request, an empty array is received
Most likely the request is being processed incorrectly.
Try this scheme:
$ inputJSON = file_get_contents (‘php: // input’);
$ input = json_decode ($ inputJSON, TRUE); // convert JSON into array
Can the card data entry form be shown on our website?
No, there is no such possibility. Moreover, for this operation, you need to obtain the appropriate licenses.
Why am I not showing all included payment methods when I try to make a payment?
On the payment page, only those methods are shown that are available for your geolocation.
Where can I see a sample integration code?
You can use existing practices as examples.
Do you have a sandbox in the system for making test payments?
No, there is no such function yet.
Is it possible to immediately redirect the user to the chosen payment method bypassing the payment method selection page?
Yes, you can specify the payment method parameter in the API request, and in this case, the user will be redirected to the appropriate payment method.
How can I generate notifications for my site?
You can use Postman software.
How can I check actual payment notifications?
You can make a test payment with the minimum amount to receive a successful payment or cancel the transaction at the time of entering the details, in which case you will receive a notification about the cancellation of the payment.
Where can I find a description of the PayDo connection protocols?
You can find information about integration with the PayDo payment aggregator in the Documentation section.
Can you write a plugin for my site?
We do not write custom plugins, but we can assist with the integration.