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How PayDo prevents online transactions fraud?

We support the PCI DSS security standard. All our card payments are protected by 3D-secure technology. For each approved project, we install a powerful anti-fraud system to protect our merchants from various types of fraud.

In addition, our company has a risk and financial monitoring department. The specialists of this department monitor all suspicious transactions and do everything possible to quickly resolve the problem if it occurs.

The effective way to reduce the possibility of plastic card fraud is to follow some simple recommendations.

Bank employees urge their customers to be more attentive to their cards:

  1. Do not provide cards to third parties;
  2. do not leave cards unattended;
  3. do not keep the PIN code anywhere in easily accessible places, and even more so on the card itself.

Be sure to leave a sample of your signature on the back of the card immediately after receiving it. And never share your PIN code with anyone. Neither the employees of the bank that issued the card nor the ATM service personnel have the right to demand it.