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How to close a PayDo account?

To close the account, please, contact us.

After verification of the information, the tech support department will deactivate the account.

Important! The service of closing certain account types is paid. You can familiarize yourself with the additional information on the Pricing page, the “Closing an account at the request of the client” section.

In some cases, access to the PayDo account may be blocked by our security service. It happens when we detect illegal activity on the client’s side, including fraud, or a large number of complaints about services not provided. In this case, after blocking the account, the PayDo employee contacts the client to clarify all the questions. When the situation is resolved, access to the blocked account will be restored.

If the account is blocked by the security staff, the client will be charged a fine, starting at 300 EUR, depending on the type of account. You can find more information about fines on the Pricing page, section “Closing an account by the security service”.