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The types of PayDo balances

When opening a PayDo account you receive balances in four payment currencies: EUR, USD, GBR and RUB. The system has four types of balances for each currency:


If you use PayDo as online banking only, you can see only available and partner balances.

If you use a business account, after enabling a project( a website), you will be automatically added two more balance types – expected and reserve.

Available balance – active funds that can be used for all outgoing payments, including withdrawals and payments for account maintenance services.

Money transfer is only available for clients with a verified account.

Partner balance – funds that are received during the affiliate program. The balance is active only when you connect a partner and they receive payments with a merchant account. You will receive a reward from each of their transactions – up to 15% of the profit from our commission.

You are free to transfer these funds from a Partner balance to the Available balance and withdraw them at any time. A minimum amount to be transferred to the available balance is 10.00 USD.

Reserve balance – it is a risk management strategy for the security of a merchant, their clients, and a bank, that has provided payment, from potential losses: part of the funds from the transaction amount will be protected (withheld) to cover potential business risks associated with chargebacks. The reserve amount is calculated based on a certain percent of the sum of each transaction, for example, 5-10%.

The current reserves are withheld for 3-6 months (the term depends on the merchant business type) and will be free and transferred to the available balance at the end of the period.

Expected balance (hold) is an amount frozen for a period of 5 to 14 days, during which we collect funds from all payment systems for transfer to your available balance. The period for which funds are held depends on the type of account, project history, turnover, industry, risk level and other factors that are considered during the verification of the project (site).