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How to set-up a two-factor authentication?

PayDo uses two-factor user authentication. Each time you log in to the system, change password, as well as send outgoing payments (transfer of funds), you will need to confirm the action by entering an additional verification code.

Attention! By default, after creating an account, the “One-time text code” option is activated. We highly recommend to switch from this option to the Google Authenticator or Authy app.

To set up a two-factor authentication do the following:

  1. Install one of the applications (we highly recommend Google Authentication) on your Android or IOS mobile device. The links for downloading the product can be found on a “Settings” page;
  2. Then, on the same “Settings” page, click “Activate” on a chosen option;
  3. On the pop-up scan a QR code and enter a received token;
  4. Also, it is required to deactivate the previous type of a two-factor authentication. Enter a code from a letter in the pop-up.

If you switch between two-factor authentication applications, it is also necessary to activate the new application first and deactivate the old one. It is impossible to disable two-factor authentication for your account for the security purposes.