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Business account verification

To verify a Business Account you need to fill in information about the company, company owners, upload the necessary documents. To do this, follow the “Company” tab, in the Verification section.

A form for entering general company information

Fill in the fields with information about your company.

Please check if you are a US citizen or if you have registered a business in the USA.

Note: Please note that at the moment PayDo does not verify clients whose business is opened in the United States on behalf of a company or individual.

  1. In the “Company legal name” input, enter the full name of the company, indicating the form of ownership (LLC, LTD, LP, etc.).
  2. “Company registration number” – enter the company registration number (indicated on the registration certificate).
  3. “Link on online register(if any)” – provide a link to the state register, where the basic information about the company can be found. If you do not have such a link, please leave this field blank.
  4. “Date of incorporation” – enter the date of registration of the company in the format of yyyy.mm.dd.
  5. “EIN/Tax ID/VAT” please indicate the individual tax number of the company (this field is optional).
  6. Next, fill in the company registration address.

After all the fields are filled in, read the Terms and Conditions. Mark that you agree to the terms and click Next.

Company documents upload form

All documents must be of good quality, in PDF, JPG and PNG formats no more than 5 MB.

  1. Certificate of incorporation – upload your company registration certificate.
  2. Proof of company ownership – a document confirming the ownership of the company (it can be any document that indicates the name of the company, founders and the number of shares in the authorized capital).
  3. Bank account statement – provided additionally if, during verification, the PayDo service could not find information about the company in the state register.
  4. Previous processing history – a document that contains the history of payments for 3-6 months (optional and can be additionally requested).
  5. After uploading all documents, click on the “Next” button.

Additional company documents upload form

If you need to provide additional documents that were not requested in the previous form, use this block or go to the next step.

Chairman data upload form

Representative / Director full name – indicate the full name of the director / company manager.

  1. Birthday – the date of birth of the manager in the format: yyyy.mm.dd (the date of birth must be confirmed by the documents submitted for verification).
  2. Passport or ID number – the number of the passport or ID card that you provide for verification.
  3. Passport / ID expiration date – enter the date until which your passport is valid. If your passport has no expiration date, please tick the checkbox.
  4. POR (proof of residence) – enter the expiration date of the document confirming registration.
  5. If your POR has no expiration date, check the checkbox.

  1. In the Address block, you must enter the registration address of the company manager.
  2. Select country – select the managers’ country of residence.
  3. City – specify the city of residence.
  4. ZIP code – enter the postal code.
  5. Address – enter the complete address including street, apartment number, city, district, province or state (if any).

Chairman documents upload form

  1. Passport / ID / Driving License – an identity document.
  2. The backside of ID or Driving license – the backside of the identity document
  3. Proof of address – a document confirming the place of residence.
  4. Power of attorney – a document confirming the authority of the manager to open an account. This document can be a power of attorney, an affidavit, an extract from the charter. The document is optional and is submitted either in the case of using the services of a nominee director or if the director is not one of the founders of the company.

Having uploaded all the documents, click the “Next” button.

Uploading documents and filling the information about the founders of the company

NOTE: If the founders of the company are legal entities, please fill in the information about their owners – individuals, and attach certificates of registration of legal entities and documents confirming property rights to additional documents.

If the company has more than one founder, it is necessary to submit information and documents for each of them.

Full name – full name of the founder.

Percentages (%) of shares – the percentage in the authorized capital of the company.

Birthday – date of birth, entered in the format yyyy.mm.dd.

Passport or ID number – passport or ID card number.

Passport / ID expiration date – the expiration date of the passport or ID card in the format yyyy.mm.dd.

If your passport has no expiration date, check the checkbox below the date selection field.

POR (proof of residence) – a field for entering the POR expiration date. If the POR has no expiration date, check the checkbox.

In the Address block, indicate the details of the founder’s residence.

Select a country – the country where the founder lives.

City – a city of residence.

ZIP code – postal code.

Address – the full address of the founder’s registration, indicating the street, house number, city, district, region or state (if any).

Company founders documents upload form

Passport / ID / Driving License – scanned copy of the identity document.

The backside of ID or Driving license – scanned copy of the back side of the identity document.

Proof of address – a document confirming the place of residence

Power of attorney – downloaded additionally to confirm the ownership of the founder (not required).

After all the fields are filled in and all the documents are uploaded, click on the “Save” button.

After completing this step, you will be shown the information entered earlier. Check the entered data and, if necessary, correct them with the “Edit info” button. If you need to delete data, click on “Delete data”.

Beneficiary information

The procedure is the same as for “Uploading documents and filling the information about the founders of the company”

After you have entered all the information required for verification, you can select the type of application for verification: IBAN details or Merchant account. Also, you can simultaneously apply for the verification of the details and the merchant account.

To select an IBAN, click on the Apply for IBAN account button.

IBAN receipt form

Business description – describe in detail the activities of your company, indicating the list of services and the purpose for which you open an IBAN.

Planned monthly turnover – enter the planned monthly turnover amount in EUR.

Average transfer amount – enter the average transaction amount in EUR.

Website – enter a link to your website.

In the next block, provide links to your company’s pages on social networks.


Indicate the locations of your payers in percentage terms. The total percentage must be 100.

Check the information you entered. If you do not want to make changes, click on – Send for Verification.

If you need to get a Merchant account, select the appropriate option.

Forms for obtaining a Merchant account

Logo (optional) – upload the logo of your project, company or website in one of the proposed formats (JPG, GIF, PNG).

Project name – enter the name of the project or site.

Site – provide a link to your site. If the site is missing, our specialists may additionally request marketing materials and links to social networks of your project.

  1. Description – provide general information about your project.
  2. Callback / IPN URL – specify the path to your server where you want to send information, namely one of the final statuses (failed or accepted).
  3. Minimum transaction amount – the minimum transaction amount.
  4. Average transaction amount – average transaction amount.
  5. Maximum transaction amount – the amount of the maximum transaction.
  6. Expected monthly volume – the expected monthly volume.

After all the data is entered, click the Next button and check the entered data.

If necessary, you can send several projects for verification simultaneously without additional registrations.

After you have filled in the project verification form, click “Send for verification”.