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Personal account verification

If you need a personal account, select the appropriate item in the “Verification” tab.

Personal information input form

  1. Full name – enter your last name, first name.
  2. Birthday – enter your date of birth in the format yyyy.mm.dd
  3. Passport / ID number – specify the number of the identity document.
  4. Passport / ID expiration date – specify the date until which the passport is valid. If your passport has no validity period, check the corresponding checkbox.
  5. POR (proof of residence) – issued date – date of issue of the document confirming the place of residence. If your address is indicated in your passport or license, please mark it in the checkbox.

Fill in the data about your place of residence (the address indicated in the documents): country, city, postal code, type and name of the street with the number of the house, apartment.

Next, read the PayDo policy and terms of use. Having read, check the checkbox. Click “Next”.

Personal documents upload form

  1. Take a selfie with your identity document and attach it to the “Upload an image of yourself”
  2. Attach a scanned copy or high-quality photo of the document confirming your identity to the section – “Passport / ID / Driver license”.
  3. Upload the document confirming your place of residence to the Proof of Address section. If the document consists of several files, you can upload additional data to the section “Proof of Address (optional).

To provide additional documents, use the following form:

Data provision form for obtaining personal IBAN

  1. Purpose of opening – indicate for what purposes you open and will use the IBAN;
  2. Sources of funds – indicate the sources of income (from which sources will receive incoming payments to your account);
  3. Indicate the planned income per month and the average amount of one payment;
  4. Website – enter the site address (data is optional).

In the next block, provide links to your pages on social networks or upload your CV:

Next, indicate the locations of your clients in percentage terms:

After saving the data, check the information you provided and send the form for verification.