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What is 3D-secure?

3D Secure is an additional security layer in online payments. When making a payment online, a cardholder receives an SMS message with a unique one-time password to confirm the transaction. 3D-secure is developed to minimize the risk of fraud associated with bank cards and online payments.
3D stands for three independent domains used for payment authentication:

  1. The domain of the acquirer (the bank that serves the online store),
  2. The domain of the issuer (the bank that issued the card),
  3. The domain of compatibility (the domain of the corresponding payment system).

The technology was developed by Visa and MasterCard. When making online payments, pay attention to the information on Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode standards. If the payment page does not support these standards, the service is not considered reliable.
PayDo works with all global security protocols and complies with the latest international payment protection standards. Each payment is protected by 3D Secure technology, including.

How does 3D Secure work?

Every time a client purchases to avoid fraudulent transactions, they receive a one-time password via SMS to confirm the payment.
The password is valid for a short period. After a few minutes, the system prompts you to request a new password.
Do not tell anyone the 3D-secure password. Bank employees, payment systems, and online stores are not allowed to require it under any circumstances.
The 3D-secure service is usually activated in every issued card, but if not, we strongly recommend doing that.