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Open and manage remotely

Create EU IBAN account online in 2 minutes

You can open and manage an IBAN remotely from EU or any foreign country*. Fill in just one application form to submit the request.

PayDo IBAN provide individuals and entities with all the benefits of a European bank account, without a need to set up a European entity.

Through this account, individual and business customers can send and receive money instantly, keep and exchange currencies. Companies, banks, and business partners can send funds to your account in multiple currencies.

* - You can open IBAN remotely and manage it from Europe or other countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, except FATF list.

Bank details under your name or your business name

We will provide you with bank details under your or your business name and bank details for multicurrency payments acceptance.

Incoming and outgoing SEPA, SWIFT & Target2 transfers

Unlimited and free incoming SEPA, SWIFT & Target2 transfers. Outgoing transfers at attractive fees.

For entities and individuals from the EU and other countries

We allow EU and non- EU countries entities and individuals to arrange SEPA, SWIFT & Target2 transfers with no limits.

Expand your business

One account — lots of possibilities

Issued in the United Kingdom, a virtual bank account is a trusted instrument for your business or daily expenses. Benefit from multi-currency IBAN accounts for the collection and processing of International and SEPA transfers.

Dedicated EU IBAN for SEPA

Open a payment account with PayDo and get a unique IBAN with your name or company name as a sender/recipient. European and International payments supported.

Multicurrency IBAN

Get multicurrency bank details for incoming and outgoing payments as an additional feature to your dedicated IBAN.

Accept and send transfers in supported currencies without spending money on an exchange.

Express Approval

Hassle-free account opening. Fill in just one application form to submit the request.

Lowest charges

Best FX rates and lowest charges for domestic and international money transfers.

Flexible Top Up

Top up wallet with a card, alternative payment methods or with bank transfer instantly.

Convenient funds management

Alternative to the classic bank account

We aspire to stay one step ahead in online banking and payments, and continuously adapt our offer to customer evolving needs.

We provide an utterly remote account opening and maintenance. Control your account 24/7 online without branch queries or long phone banking.

Virtual IBANs avoid much of the bureaucracy involved with setting up an account at a traditional banking establishment. Setting up an account can be a convoluted and lengthy process with conventional banks. That’s not the case with PayDo. For instance, there is no requirement to reside in the same country as the bank offering the account.

Any Type of Legal Business

You get EU IBAN that is issued in your or your company’s name to receive payments from your clients, partners, and affiliates

Any Country of Incorporation

Open an account in Europe or other countries except for FATF list. Fast application approval

Apply for IBAN

Steps to get started

Quick instructions on how to open IBAN and do payment operations instantly using your bank account.


Create an account

Register and activate your account. Then set up 2FA.


Verify your account

Select a Business or Personal account and fill in the required information and add documents.


Fill in the IBAN form

Fill in some information about you and your business, and location of your counterparties.


Get unique IBAN

After confirming your account, get IBAN under your/company name as the sender or recipient.