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What is a chargeback?

Chargeback is an act in which a client applies for a refund of their funds directly to the bank. Chargeback can occur for several reasons: payment processing error or fraud.

In case of confirmation of the chargeback, the payer is refunded 100% of the cost of the goods. Payment method commission is not refundable. Also, the merchant will be charged a fine for each operation – from 20.00 USD.

The main chargeback reasons:

  1. Fraudulent operation – payment from the card that the cardholder did not make;
  2. Payment was debited from the card twice;
  3. A certain amount was debited from the card that does not correspond to the purchase amount;
  4. The product/service has not been received;
  5. The product received is defective or damaged;
  6. Non-conformity of goods or non-provision of services in full.