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Why was my project rejected?

Most likely your project has not passed internal review. The confirmation of the project is influenced by many factors, such as the age of your business, the attractiveness of the site, the transparency of the business model, the availability of permissions / licenses, the presence of an active audience on web resources, the availability and recognition of your brand, and others.

Also, your participation affects the rejection of the project. If you have additional questions about the project, you may be sent requests to clarify additional information. If the response to the request is not received within 5 business days, the project will be rejected automatically.

Note! PayDo does not consider projects from the following countries: Botswana, Cambodia, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela. We work with Pakistan and Trinidad and Tobago in a limited format – it is determined at the stage of project verification. On the African continent, the company works with South Africa.