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Money Transfers

Opening a PayDo e-wallet – Classic Banking Account Alternative

PayDo is a money transfer service online that appeared in Britain and showed the world an alternative to classic banking. It is suitable for any type of business. By cooperating with PayDo, you get a comprehensive solution for your company, organization or just for yourself. You will be able to send and receive SWIFT/SEPA payments, top-up your cards and send payouts. You will also be able to make P2P payments and exchange currencies online within your personal or company account.

When you are opening free bank account PayDo, you receive the details of the European Union IBAN, which gives you the opportunity to make payments in euro currency or in British pounds. The service is very flexible and when opening a bank account online you manage your accounts online and any operations that you also perform without leaving your smartphone. Using PayDo digital banking, you reduce fees for money manipulations and make it easier for yourself to use financial services.

PayDo is the best money transfer service because your business gets a merchant account that is accepted in the EU, which gives you international acquiring support and the use of various payment methods. If something does not work for you or you need professional help, then technical staff will always be in touch to answer your questions.

Benefits of PayDo E-Wallet

In comparison with a classic banking account, there are many advantages of PayDo E-wallet. We suggest that you read about them:

  • Convenience: No matter where you make your purchases online or in a physical store, you can always use the PayDo e-wallet, which will save the information so that you can be convenient next time. It will also be convenient for you when sharing an account with friends, which will allow you to transfer money quickly when there is no cash.
  • Your electronic wallet is securely encrypted, and all information is safe under tokenization. When you make a payment, a unique one-time code is generated, which increases the security of the transaction. When using a PayDo e-wallet, you do not have to be afraid that your cards will be lost, as is the case with its physical version. Your e-wallet is protected by two-factor authentication or Face ID.
  • An e-wallet saves you the hassle of digging through your bag and looking for cards or coupons. Everything is organized on your smartphone, where you can store loyalty cards, coupons, plane tickets, or even documents. You keep everything in order and can easily get the right card.

Using PayDo digital wallet allows you to use convenient contactless payment. The popularity of such services is only growing, so you should not hesitate – go digital.

SEPA Transfers

Make payments within European countries similar to a domestic transfer, with no limits on the amount of the transactions


Hold funds in multiple currencies in your balances, transfer funds in the recipient’s currency

Fast and easy transfers

Transfer money to Visa/ Mastercard and alternative payout options (e-wallets, direct debits). Sending them money takes just a few taps

Outgoing payments

Easy ways to send money

PayDo eWallet is a fast and secure service that lets you send money online. To ensure maximum quality and quick service we offer all types of money transfers: with or without opening a bank account, in the major currencies, in favour of legal entities and natural persons, domestic and international transfers.

Bank account (SWIFT, Target2, SEPA)

Transfer with crediting to almost any bank account

Visa / Mastercard International

Send funds instantly around the world

Alternative payment methods

Transfer money to the most used e-wallets

Between PayDo wallets

Send funds instantly to all PayDo customers

Incoming payments

Get Money from all the world Swiftly and Safely

The arrival of your incoming payment depends on the transfer type, payment country, and currency. Usually, PayDo transfers incoming payments to your account on the same business day.

The payment in a different currency will be credited to your account after converting it into one of your account's currency according to the currency exchange rate.

Incoming payments must also be confirmed with appropriate documents. The payment will be credited to your account after verification of the supporting documents.

Secure and safe

Your money’s in safe hands with us

Our industry-leading technology protects your money and guarantees it arrives safely every time

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Make a Transfer

How it works

Quick instructions on how to get started with money transfers


Create an account

Register and activate your account. Then set up 2FA.


Fill in the IBAN form

Fill out payment information: recipient card number, recipient bank details or merchant ID/email for transfer between wallets.


Make a Transfer

Send the funds and we’ll do the rest.

Ready to open an account?

Register, upload documents and start using your new account

Open an account