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Simple Integration

Quick Checkout

Give your customers a userfriendly payment experience with our fast and versatile checkout. It’s safe, snug, secure and PCI compliant.

Checkout is a secure payment page that lets you collect payments quickly. It works across devices and is designed to increase your conversion.

1-click payments

If you have a PayDo account, you can pay in 1 click payments with linked card. If you did not have an account, you can save your card when paying, and the account will be created automatically.


Send and receive payments in 4 settlement and 200 supported currencies with low interchange rates in over 170 countries

Risk management

Gain full visibility of your transactions using antifraud system. You can count on fewer chargebacks, and a safer customer journey. Maximize your conversions and with our advanced antifraud system

Short guide

How does Checkout work?

We transform a standard payment form into a professional, on-brand experience that inspires trust and drives conversions


Customer click "Buy" or "Checkout" in the shopping cart on your website. Then, customer is instantly redirected from your store to PayDo Checkout where can complete his purchase.


If customer has a PayDo account, he can log in to the checkout and pay using available balances, or his connected cards.

  • If the client does not have an account, he can immediately create one.
  • Or, if the client pays with the card (which he just entered), he can save it, and the account will be created automatically.
  • Furthermore, after logging in on the checkout, you can switch between your personal and the company accounts; respectively, using different balances and different cards for payments.

Customers securely input their sensitive payment data.

  • When paying with your available balances, the system will automatically suggest using the balance with the most funds in the required currency.
  • You can always manually select a different balance.
  • If the funds on a specific currency account are not enough to pay for the purchase, the amount will be automatically debited from other balances, with minimal conversion costs.

PayDo processing your customers data safely and in compliance with all security PCI DSS standards.


Once your customer has completed a purchase, they are redirected back to your site.

Secure and safe

Your money’s in safe hands with us

Our industry-leading technology protects your money and guarantees it arrives safely every time

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