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How to create a bank transfer?

To create a bank transfer is required a verified account.

If the PayDo account is verified – follow the Money Transfers to Bank account (SWIFT) tab on a Create Transfer page.

To create a payment you need to fill in three information blocks:

Please, enter only Latin characters and letters, Cyrillic is not supported. Focus on the text prompts below each input field.

About payment receiver: their IBAN or account number, full name, country, city and full address of the beneficiary’s registration (NOT the bank address): street and house/apartment/office number with postal code.

About beneficiary bank: enter the Swift / BIC code of the beneficiary bank. The name of the bank should be pulled up automatically (if not, enter it manually).

No need to enter a bank address.

In the Payment reference input indicate a detailed description of paid goods or services with the indicated number and the document date, based on which the operation is provided.

For commercial payments is needed to indicate:

  1. number and date of the document based on which the transaction is provided (agreement, invoice, shipping document, etc.);
  2. a detailed description of what type of product or service is being paid for.

Upload documents confirming the payment. You can upload up to 5 documents based on which the transaction is provided: agreement or contract, invoice (invoice), shipping document, etc. Requirements for uploaded files are described on the page.

If your payment is not commercial – please indicate it in the appropriate checkbox.

After filling in the requested information, enter the transfer amount. You will immediately be shown the amount to be debited from the account, which includes the commission for the operation. More information about tariffs – in Pricing.

You can save all the data as a template and in the future do not fill in the recipient’s details again. Select “Save as template” in the appropriate checkbox.

To complete the payment, click “Continue”. You will be automatically shown a preview of the payment. If all information is correct – click “Confirm withdrawal” (if not, click “Edit”).

Please carefully check your billing details and payment details, as well as the amount and currency. There is no possibility to mark the sent payment.

We remind you that all outgoing payments must be confirmed with two-factor authentication. The code will be sent according to your settings: either by mail or in the application.

After confirming the payment with two-factor authentication, the funds will be debited from your account, and the payment will be processed.

The average processing time for a money transfer is 2-3 business days (maximum 7 days). If necessary, we can ask additional questions when processing your translation.

You can find the created payment and the history of all money transfers on the List of Transfers page.