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How to transfer funds to another PayDo user?

Transfer of funds is available only to users with a verified account.

If your PayDo account is verified, follow the Money Transfers between PayDo Wallets tab on the Create Transfer page.

To create a payment, you need to specify the PayDo ID or email of the recipient, and also select the type of account (business or personal) to which the funds will be received.

After filling in the requested information, enter the transfer amount. You will immediately be shown the amount to be debited from the account, which includes the commission for the operation. More information about tariffs – in Pricing.

To complete the payment, click “Continue”. You will be automatically shown a preview of the payment. If all information is correct – click “Confirm withdrawal” (if not, click “Edit”).

Please carefully check your billing details and payment details, as well as the amount and currency. There is no possibility to mark the sent payment.

We remind you that all outgoing payments must be confirmed with two-factor authentication. The code will be sent according to your settings: either by mail or in the application.

After confirming the payment with two-factor authentication, the funds will be debited from your account, and the payment will be processed.

Transfers between PayDo clients are instant. The funds will immediately appear in the recipient’s account.

You can find the created payment and the history of all money transfers on the List of Transfers page