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Transfer history. Export to PDF

You can find the history of money transfers on the List of Transfers page.

All transactions are grouped by type: in separate tabs, outgoing and incoming bank transfers, funds transfers between PayDo users, debiting of account maintenance fees and operations to replenish your wallet are displayed.

For each of the transactions, you can monitor all the detailed information as well as the status of the payment.

You can also export a list of payments or details of any special operation via PDF.

To export a list of payments to PDF:

  1. follow the table tab you need;
  2. next to the “Filter” button, click “Export”;
  3. select a date range (no more than 31 days);
  4. click “Export”.

The selected list of payments will be downloaded to your computer within a few minutes. Only successfully completed transactions are exported. Unsuccessful operations, if necessary, you can export manually.

To export the details of a specific payment to PDF:

  1. follow the tab of the table you need and find the line with the payment;
  2. click on the three dots on the right edge of the table row;
  3. click “Export”.

The details of the selected payment will be downloaded to your computer within a few minutes.