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Transfer history. Repeat payment

You can find the history of money transfers on the List of Transfers page.

All transactions are grouped by type: in separate tabs, outgoing and incoming bank transfers, funds transfers between PayDo users, debiting of account maintenance fees and operations to replenish your wallet are displayed.

For each of the transactions, you can monitor all the detailed information as well as the status of the payment.

How to repeat a previously made payment?

You can repeat outgoing bank payments and money transfers between PayDo users in two clicks without entering the payment details again, even if you did not save it as a template.

  1. Click on the three dots on the right edge of the table row.
  2. Select the “Repeat payment” action.
  3. In the drop-down line, edit the payment amount, if you need to change it. The amount to be debited from the account will be shown next to it, which includes the commission for the operation.
  4. To confirm, click the “Repeat payment” button.

You can only repeat a previously successfully completed payment. If the operation was unsuccessful or canceled, you will not be able to repeat it.

You can repeat a transfer between PayDo users only if you specified the recipient ID (not mail) when creating the payment.