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What to indicate in the reference of outgoing bank payment?

To create a bank transfer is required a verified account.

In the Payment reference input indicate a detailed description of paid goods or services with the indicated number and the document date, based on which the operation is provided.

For commercial payments is needed to indicate:

  1. number and date of the document based on which the transaction is provided (agreement, invoice, shipping document, etc.);
  2. a detailed description of what type of product or service is being paid for.

Upload documents confirming the payment. You can upload up to 5 documents based on which the transaction is provided: agreement or contract, invoice (invoice), shipping document, etc.

Requirements for uploaded files are described on the page.

If your payment is not commercial – please indicate it in the appropriate checkbox.

Please carefully check your billing details and payment details, as well as the amount and currency. There is no possibility to mark the sent payment.

It is important to indicate the valid IBAN when sending payments. If one enters irrelevant requisites – we will send money to the wrong receiver and You will be debited the payment for the operation.