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How to top up the account with bank details?

To top up your account use individual or multi currency shared IBAN details in the “Bank details” tab in the Top Up wallet section.

How to top up the account with bank details?

  1. Enter these details when creating an outgoing transfer in your bank (any bank whose services you use). The payment will be processed by the bank as a regular outgoing payment.
  2. Upon successful payment processing, funds will be credited to your PayDo account. You can check the processing time of the payment with your bank.
  3. Documents for confirmation of payment for account replenishment by PayDo are needed only if you replenish your account in one payment for an amount exceeding USD 100,000.00 or if you are making a payment from outside the EU, EEA.

If you are going to receive and send funds via multi currency requisites – always indicate the payment reference. It guarantees the payment will be processed timely. The payment reference is easy to find – it is the last line of your multicurrency requisites.