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Business account verification

You can start a Business Account verification from the Overview page:
business account verification
The application form is easy to fill in. It includes several verification steps to provide information about your company and the company’s owners. You can monitor the progress on each step and get back to the previous step if needed.
Be ready to spend more than 30 minutes on it. However, you can always take a break and finish your verification later. To do so, please, click on “Do this later” to have all your changes saved. We will send reminders to your registered email to finish verification. At your PayDo Account you can see how much you have completed your account verification:
business account verification
Your company information must be confirmed by the documents, please, be ready to upload it to your application. You will find the list of necessary documents in continuation.
By submitting a verification form you accept our Terms of Use and Pricing, please, take your time and make sure you are familiar with it.
The verification process is free of charge hence if you do not agree to the pricing set for you after verification, you will not be charged anything.

General company information

Please, check if you are a US citizen or if you have registered a business in the USA. Please, note that at the moment PayDo does not verify clients whose business is opened in the United States on behalf of a company or individual.

Company details

Please, fill in your company details. After all the fields are filled in, read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Mark that you agree to the terms and click Next. All the lines should be completed so you could move to another section of verification.

Business registration address

Company documents

Please, upload all the required company documents following the documentation requirements. In case the documents are not uploaded according to the standards you may be asked to resend them after reviewing your application by our Compliance Team.
company documents
additional documents


To start off with, please, edit the Representative/Director section. Indicate the Representative/Director’s citizenship. After that fill out personal information and upload the necessary documents:
business representatives


In this section, you have the Individual Form and Company form to fill in. You are free to complete both forms or only one depending on the type of your company’s shareholders. Please, note that shareholding must be 100% to successfully complete this block of verification.
If you need to fill in ONLY Individual form, please indicate 100% of shares.
If you need to fill in Company form, please, complete the form and fill in information about the director of the shareholder company in the Individual form to complete the Shareholders block. Please, note that the Shareholding of the director must be 100%.
If you need to fill in Individual form, please, follow these steps:
Please, fill out the citizenship of your beneficiary and the percentage of shareholding:
After saving the information, please, fill in the beneficiary’s personal information step by step:

Once the personal information is completed, please, upload the required documents and save the changes:

If you need to fill in Company form please follow these steps:
Please, select a country where your business is incorporated and specify the percentage of shareholding:

Fill in all the details about Shareholder step by step as it indicated on the left side of the menu (company details, company documents, additional documents, information about the Director, shareholders).

More information

If you have one company-shareholder, please, fill out information about the director of the shareholder company in Individual form to complete the Shareholders block.
If you have multiple company-shareholders, please, be ready to indicate all shareholders of the company shareholders.

After filling in Individual form (director of the shareholder company), save the changes and follow next steps:
When the shareholding is 100%, please, click NEXT:
Please, submit information about Beneficiaries and click next:

Please, answer the “Yes-No” questions.
We kindly ask you to answer honestly to avoid any misunderstanding and misleading information during the verification. Once it’s done, please, click Next to start Questionnaire 2.
Questionnaire – 2
Questionnaire - 2

You have to agree to the Declaration about any change related to your company or its owners if there are. After reading it carefully please tick a checkbox.

Send for verification
After completing all the information required for verification, check it carefully as you have only one attempt to submit a verification request. You can go back if needed. Once you are ready to confirm your request, click on “Send for verification”.
You can always check the status of your Business Verification request in “Verification” => “Company” section.