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Personal account verification

You can start a Personal Account Verification from the Overview page:
Personal account verification
Personal account verification
The application form is easy to fill in and takes up to 5 minutes. It includes several sections including your personal information and information about your location.
You can monitor the progress on each step and information blocks under each line help you to submit the form accurately.
All information and documents should be submitted at the same time as there is no option to save a draft of your verification request in the middle of the process.
By submitting a verification form you accept our Terms of Use and Pricing, please, take your time and make sure you are familiar with it.
Personal Verification 
Before starting, please, make sure that you are not associated with the USA. Unfortunately, we can not provide services to the US persons at the moment:
Personal account verification
Personal account verification
There are 3 sections to go through:
Personal information
Please fill in your personal information:

Please, upload all the required documents following the documentation requirements. For example, while uploading your identification document, make sure that a document is fully opened and all 4 corners of it are visible on the picture.
In case the documents are not uploaded according to the standards you may be asked to resend them after reviewing your application by our Compliance Team.

After you have entered all the information required for verification and attached documents, check it carefully as you have only one attempt to submit a verification request.
Once you are ready to confirm your request, click on the “Send for verification” button.