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Risk level determination

The criteria for determining the risk level is different for a specific industry and country of residence.
Please, note that in the listed sheets we indicate not only industries but countries as well. If your business falls in the following category from the Industries list, or a director, shareholder, UBO or the company is located in the relevant country or trades with these jurisdictions or countries, then the appropriate risk level is assigned to your business too.

The Company’s Classification Approach:

Those jurisdictions/ regimes which are classified by Competent/ Regulatory Authorities as HIGH-risk and/or stated in the Targeted Sanctions Lists, or those jurisdictions which may be more associated with illegal activities, and we, therefore, prohibit our service and refuse clients and transactions from/for/in these countries, in order to mitigate risks level.
Those jurisdictions are classified by Competent/Regulatory Authorities as HIGH-risk: Vehicles/Transport & associated Dealers; Cash intensive businesses; MSBs; Non-bank Financial Institutions; certain Retails; categories that are known to generate higher chargeback disputes and fraud, that predominantly generate the highest levels of cardholder disputes, represent higher levels of financial risk, and/or create additional risk for regulatory reasons, or raise overall brand reputation risks.
We approach this category taking into account complex measures and EDD/KYC results, including relative specific risks. Thus, the decision on the establishment of a business relationship can be positive or negative, depending on the risk factors/red flags analysis. And this category is and remains always HIGH Risk, both for on-boarding and enhanced ongoing monitoring.
Those jurisdictions can present a higher risk, however we can reduce the risk level to the MEDIUM Risk by management & mitigation procedures through ongoing monitoring and established internal controls.
Merchants from other jurisdictions (with low-risk indicators).

In the table below, you can see the level of risk that is assigned to a specific jurisdiction based on regulations. Documents describing more detailed reasons for assigning a risk category are located in the first column titled Listing Reason.

Abkhazia Algeria Andorra Åland Islands
Afghanistan Argentina Antigua & Barbuda Australia
Albania Armenia (arms embargo) Antigua & Barbuda Austria
American Samoa Azerbaijan (arms embargo) Antilles Belgium
Angola Bahrain Antilles Bulgaria
Anguilla Belarus (financial sanctions, trade sanctions) Aruba Canada
Bangladesh Bhutan Belize Croatia
Barbados Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BVI Czech Republic
Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina Faroe Islands (territory of Denmark, with deficiencies) Denmark
Bolivia Brazil Gibraltar Estonia
Botswana British Indian Ocean Territory Greenland (territory of Denmark, with deficiencies) Finland
Burkina Faso Brunei Darussalam Guernsey France
Burma / Myanmar Cayman Islands Isle of Man Germany
Burundi Chile Israel Greece
Cabo Verde / Cape Verde China (UK arms embargo) Japan Hungary
Cambodia Christmas Island Jersey Ireland
Cameroon Cocos (Keeling) Islands Liechtenstein //EEA member// Italy
Central African Republic Colombia Luxembourg //EU member// Latvia
Chad Cook Islands Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of) Lithuania
Comoros (the Union of the Comoros) Costa Rica Maldives Netherlands
Congo Cuba (under US sanctions) Marshall Islands New Zealand
Côte d’Ivoire / Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Curaçao Montserrat Norway
Crimea (Ukraine) Dominica Netherland Antilles Poland
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK / North Korea) Dominican Republic Niue Portugal
Democratic Republic of the Congo Ecuador Norfolk Island Romania
Djibouti Egypt South Korea San Marino
Equatorial Guinea El Salvador St. Kitts and Nevis Slovakia
Eritrea Ethiopia St. Lucia Slovenia
Eswatini (Swaziland) Falkland Islands (Malvinas) St. Vincent and the Grenadines Spain
Gabon Fiji Turks and Caicos Islands Svalbard and Jan Mayen
Gambia French Guiana Sweden
Ghana French Polynesia United Kingdom
Guam Georgia
Guinea Grenada
Guinea-Bissau Honduras
Guyana Hong Kong (UK arms embargo)
Haiti Iceland
Iran India
Iraq Indonesia
Jordan Jamaica
Kiribati Kazakhstan
Laos (Lao People’s Democratic Republic) Kenya
Lebanon Kuwait
Liberia Kyrgyzstan
Libya Lesotho
Macao Madagascar
Malawi Malaysia
Mali Mauritius
Mauritania Mayotte
Micronesia (Federated States of) Mexico
Mongolia Moldova
Mozambique Moldova
Namibia Monaco
Nicaragua Montenegro
Niger Morocco
Northern Mariana Islands Nauru
Pakistan Nepal
Palau New Caledonia
Palestine Nigeria
Papua New Guinea Oman
Reunion Panama
Samoa Paraguay
Sao Tome and Principe Peru
Serbia Philippines
Sierra Leone Pitcairn
Somalia Puerto Rico
South Ossetia Qatar
South Sudan Russia (financial sanctions, trade sanctions)
Sri Lanka Rwanda
Sudan Saint Barthélemy
Syria Saint Helena, Ascension And Tristan Da Cunha
Tanzania Saint Martin (French Part)
Timor-Leste Saudi Arabia
Togo Senegal
Tonga Seychelles
Trinidad and Tobago Singapore
Tunisia Sint Maarten
Turkmenistan Solomon Islands
Tuvalu South Africa
Uganda Suriname
United States Minor Outlying Islands Taiwan, Province of China
US Virgin Islands Tajikistan
Turkey Thailand
Venezuela The Bahamas
Western Sahara Tokelau
Zambia Ukraine
Zimbabwe United Arab Emirates
Donetsk (UA) Uruguay
Luhansk (UA) Uzbekistan
Wallis and Futuna
Regimes: Chemical Weapons, Counter-Terrorism (Domestic, International), Cyber, Global Human Rights, UK Freezing Orders, ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida, UN Taliban List
Сountries that have organisations operating within their territory which have been designated by the government of the United Kingdom as proscribed organisations under Schedule 2 to the Terrorism Act 2000, as well as other countries with terrorist organisations.
All other persons identified in the First Schedule of the Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act (Singapore) (based on the UN lists)

The table below defines the risk level of a particular industry:

RISK LEVEL Merchant Activity Type Description Notes
MEDIUM Veterinary Services
MEDIUM Agricultural Cooperatives
MEDIUM General Contractors-Residential and Commercial
MEDIUM Air Conditioning Contractors – Sales and Installation, Heating Contractors – Sales, Service, Installation
MEDIUM Electrical Contractors
MEDIUM Insulation – Contractors, Masonry, Stonework Contractors, Plastering Contractors, Stonework and Masonry Contractors, Tile Settings Contractors
MEDIUM Roofing – Contractors, Sheet Metal Work – Contractors, Siding – Contractors
MEDIUM Contractors – Concrete Work
MEDIUM Contractors – Special Trade Not Elsewhere Classified
MEDIUM Office and Commercial Furniture
MEDIUM Construction Materials Not Elsewhere Classified Wholesale distributors of construction materials.
MEDIUM Commercial Equipment Not Elsewhere Classified
MEDIUM Medical, Dental Ophthalmic, Hospital Equipment and Supplies
MEDIUM Metal Service Centers and Offices Wholesale distributors of semi-finished metal products, excluding precious metals.
MEDIUM Electrical Parts and Equipment
MEDIUM Industrial Supplies Not Elsewhere Classified
MEDIUM Men’s Women’s and Children’s Uniforms and Commercial Clothing Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers
MEDIUM Commercial Footwear Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.
MEDIUM Chemicals and Allied Products Not Elsewhere Classified Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.
MEDIUM Home Supply Warehouse Stores Retail stores.
MEDIUM Lumber and Building Materials Stores Retail stores.
MEDIUM Glass, Paint, and Wallpaper Stores Retail stores.
MEDIUM Hardware Stores Retail stores.
MEDIUM Nurseries – Lawn and Garden Supply Store Retail stores.
MEDIUM Mobile Home Dealers Retail stores.
MEDIUM Wholesale Clubs Retail stores.
MEDIUM Men’s and Boy’s Clothing and Accessories Stores Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Women’s Ready-to-Wear Stores Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Women’s Accessory and Specialty Shops Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Children’s and Infant’s Wear Stores Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Family Clothing Stores Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Sports Apparel, Riding Apparel Stores Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Shoe Stores Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Furriers and Fur Shops Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Tailors, Seamstress, Mending, and Alterations Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Wig and Toupee Stores Clothing Stores.
MEDIUM Floor Covering Stores Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Drapery, Window Covering and Upholstery Stores Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Fireplace, Fireplace Screens, and Accessories Stores Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Miscellaneous Home Furnishing Specialty Stores Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Household Appliance Stores Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Electronic Sales Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Music Stores, Musical Instruments, Piano Sheet Music Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Record Shops Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Sporting Goods Stores
MEDIUM Book Stores
MEDIUM Stationery Stores, Office and School Supply Stores
MEDIUM Camera and Photographic Supply Stores
MEDIUM Card Shops, Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Shops
MEDIUM Sewing, Needle, Fabric, and Price Goods Stores
MEDIUM Glassware/Crystal Stores Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Door-to-Door Sales Miscellaneous Stores.
MEDIUM Hearing Aids – Sales, Service, and Supply Stores
MEDIUM Typewriter Stores – Sales, Rental, Service
MEDIUM Florists Miscellaneous Stores. (Retailers).
MEDIUM News Dealers and Newsstands
MEDIUM Swimming Pools – Sales, Service, and Supplies Miscellaneous Stores. (Retailers).
MEDIUM Electric Razor Stores – Sales and Service Miscellaneous Stores. (Retailers).
MEDIUM Tent and Awning Shops Miscellaneous Stores. (Retailers).
MEDIUM Lodging – Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Central Reservation Services Not Elsewhere Classified Only those lodging establishments for which a unique industry has not been designated, including bed and breakfast and other local inns, resorts, cabins, cottages, and hostels.
MEDIUM Sporting and Recreational Camps Merchants that operate children’s camps, recreational camps, and sporting camps. Examples of such camps include summer camps for boys and girls, nudist camps, dude ranches, fishing and hunting camps, and educational or sports instruction camps.
MEDIUM Trailer Parks and Camp Grounds Merchants that provide overnight or short-term campsites for recreational vehicles, trailers, campers, or tents. Such campsites may be located within state parks, or privately owned and operated, and may or may not include water and electrical hookups for recreational vehicles.
MEDIUM Laundry, Cleaning, and Garment Services Merchants that operate steam or other types of laundries for commercial businesses or individuals. On a weekly or monthly basis, these merchants provide laundered items such as uniforms, gowns, aprons, table linens, bed linens, and towels. This industry also includes diaper services offering home pick- up, cleaning, and delivery.
MEDIUM Laundry – Family and Commercial Merchants that provide self-service washers and dryers for general consumer use, including pay-by-the-pound laundry service. Such self-service laundry services are typically known as laundromats but also are found in dormitories, apartment buildings, or other similar locations.
MEDIUM Dry Cleaners Merchants that provide dry cleaning services for individuals or businesses, and may offer limited alteration services. Items cleaned by dry cleaners typically include clothing, draperies, wedding dresses, and bedding.
MEDIUM Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Merchants that clean commercial or residential carpets, drapes, and upholstery.
MEDIUM Photographic Studios Merchants that perform still or video portrait photography for the general public, including those that photograph children on location at schools or specialize in wedding photography and videos.
MEDIUM Barber and Beauty Shops Merchants that provide personal hair care services such as hair cutting, hair styling, hair colouring, and hair extensions. Barber and beauty shops may also perform manicures and pedicures and sell a limited selection of hair care products.
MEDIUM Shop Repair Shops and Shoe Shine Parlors, and Hat Cleaning Shops
MEDIUM Funeral Service and Crematories Merchants that provide burial preparation and cremation services and conduct funerals. Such merchants include mortuaries, crematories, funeral homes, and funeral parlours.
MEDIUM Counselling Service – Debt, Marriage, Personal Merchants provide a variety of counselling services such as debt and financial counselling, marriage counselling, family counselling, alcohol and drug abuse counselling, and other personal counselling.
MEDIUM Buying/Shopping Services, Clubs Personal Service Providers. Merchants that provide buying and shopping services to individuals or businesses on a fee basis. This type of merchant does not directly sell goods to the consumer but rather chooses a selection of items that the consumer may be interested in purchasing, typically acting on behalf of the seller of the goods.
MEDIUM Clothing Rental – Costumes, Formal Wear, Uniforms Personal Service Providers. Retailers.
MEDIUM Health and Beauty Shops Personal Service Providers.
MEDIUM Advertising Services Business Services.
MEDIUM Commercial Photography, Art and Graphics
MEDIUM Quick Copy, Reproduction and Blueprinting Services
MEDIUM Cleaning and Maintenance, Janitorial Services
MEDIUM Employment Agencies, Temporary Help Services
MEDIUM Equipment Rental and Leasing Services, Tool Rental, Furniture Rental, and Appliance Rental
MEDIUM Tire Re-treading and Repair Shops Repair Services.
MEDIUM Electronics Repair Shops
MEDIUM Furniture, Furniture Repair, and Furniture Refinishing Merchants that reupholster, repair, and refinish furniture, including restorers of antique furniture.
MEDIUM Repair Shops and Related Services – Miscellaneous
MEDIUM Elementary and Secondary Schools Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
MEDIUM Colleges, Junior Colleges, Universities, and ProfessionalSchools Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
MEDIUM Correspondence Schools Correspondence schools that offer educational instruction through the mail by sending lessons and examinations to the student.
BANNED Drugs, Drug Proprietors, and Druggist’s Sundries
BANNED Petroleum and Petroleum Products Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers
BANNED Drug Stores and Pharmacies Miscellaneous Stores.
BANNED Package Stores – Beer, Wine, and Liquor Miscellaneous Stores.
BANNED Direct Marketing – Insurance Service
BANNED Mail Order Houses Including Catalog Order Stores, Book/Record Clubs (No longer permitted for U.S. original presentments)
BANNED Direct Marketing – Catalog Merchant
BANNED Direct Marketing – Catalog and Catalog and Retail Merchant
BANNED Direct Marketing- Outbound Telemarketing Merchant
BANNED Direct Marketing – Inbound Teleservices Merchant
BANNED Direct Marketing – Continuity/Subscription Merchant
BANNED Direct Marketing – Not Elsewhere Classified
BANNED Fuel – Fuel Oil, Wood, Coal, Liquefied Petroleum
BANNED Cigar Stores and Stands
BANNED Insurance Sales, Underwriting, and Premiums
BANNED Insurance Premiums, (no longer valid for first presentment work)
BANNED Insurance Not Elsewhere Classified (no longer valid for first presentment work)
BANNED Protective and Security Services – Including Armored Cars and Guard Dogs
BANNED Charitable and Social Service Organizations Charitable (non-political) organizations that solicit contributions, social service organizations that provide social welfare services, advocacy groups, community organizations, and health agencies. (TCC of T for fundraising performed through non–face-to-face methods such as phone orders.)
BANNED Civic, Fraternal, and Social Associations Associations engaged in civic, social, or fraternal activities. Such associations include alumni associations and clubs, booster clubs, businesspersons clubs, community membership clubs, fraternal lodges, fraternities and sororities, social clubs, veterans’ organizations, and youth associations. The activities of these groups may include political fund-raising.
BANNED Political Organizations Membership organizations that promote the interests of a national, state, or local political party or candidate, including political groups organized specifically to raise funds for a political party or individual candidate.
BANNED Religious Organizations Religious organizations that provide worship services, religious training or study, religious activities, and fund-raising. Examples are churches, convents, monasteries, mosques, shrines, synagogues, and temples.
HIGH Airlines
HIGH Car Rental
HIGH Hotels/Motels/Inns/Resorts
HIGH Local/Suburban Commuter Passenger Transportation – Railroads, Ferries, Local Water Transportation.
HIGH Ambulance Services
HIGH Taxicabs and Limousines
HIGH Bus Lines, Including Charters, Tour Buses
HIGH Motor Freight Carriers, Moving and Storage Companies, Trucking – Local/Long Distance, Delivery Services – Local
HIGH Courier Services – Air or Ground, Freight forwarders
HIGH Public warehousing, Storage
HIGH Cruise and Steamship Lines
HIGH Boat Rentals and Leases
HIGH Marinas, Marine Service, and Supplies
HIGH Airlines, Air Carriers Not Listed Elsewhere
HIGH Airports, Airport Terminals, Flying Fields
HIGH Travel Agencies and Tour Operations
HIGH Package Tour Operators (for use in Germany only)
HIGH Toll and Bridge Fees
HIGH Transportation Services Not Elsewhere Classified
HIGH Telecommunications Equipment including telephone sales
HIGH Fax services, Telecommunication Services
HIGH Computer Network Services
HIGH Telegraph services
HIGH Money Orders – Wire Transfer
HIGH Cable and other pay television (previously Cable Services)
HIGH Electric, Gas, Sanitary and Water Utilities
HIGH Motor vehicle supplies and new parts
HIGH Computers, Computer Peripheral Equipment, Software
HIGH Precious Stones and Metals, Watches and Jewelry
HIGH Duty-Free Store Retail stores.
HIGH Discount Stores Retail stores.
HIGH Department Stores Retail stores.
HIGH Variety Stores Retail stores.
HIGH Miscellaneous General Merchandise Retail stores.
HIGH Grocery Stores, Supermarkets Retail stores.
HIGH Meat Provisioners – Freezer and Locker Retail stores.
HIGH Candy, Nut, and Confectionery Stores Retail stores.
HIGH Dairy Products Stores Retail stores.
HIGH Bakeries Retail stores.
HIGH Miscellaneous Food Stores – Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets Retail stores.
HIGH Car and Truck Dealers (New and Used) Sales, Service, Repairs, Parts, and Leasing
HIGH Automobile and Truck Dealers (Used Only)
HIGH Automobile Supply Stores
HIGH Automotive Tire Stores
HIGH Automotive Parts, Accessories Stores
HIGH Service Stations (with or without ancillary services)
HIGH Automated Fuel Dispensers
HIGH Boat Dealers
HIGH Recreational and Utility Trailers, Camp Dealers
HIGH Motorcycle Dealers
HIGH Motor Home Dealers
HIGH Snowmobile Dealers
HIGH Miscellaneous Auto Dealers
HIGH Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessory Shops Clothing Stores.
HIGH Furniture, Home Furnishings, and Equipment Stores, (Except Appliances) Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Computer Software Stores Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Caterers Service Providers.
HIGH Eating places and Restaurants Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages), Bars, Taverns, Cocktail lounges, Nightclubs and Discotheques Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Fast Food Restaurants Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Digital Goods: Media, Books, Movies, Music Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Digital Goods: Games Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Digital Goods: Applications (Excludes Games) Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Digital Goods: Large Digital Goods Merchant Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Used Merchandise and Secondhand Stores Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Antique Shops Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Pawn Shops and Salvage Yards Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Wrecking and Salvage Yards Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Antique Reproductions Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Bicycle Shops – Sales and Service Miscellaneous Stores.
HIGH Watch, Clock, Jewelry, and Silverware Stores
HIGH Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops
HIGH Leather Goods Stores
HIGH Direct Marketing – Travel Related Arrangements Services
HIGH Artist’s Supply and Craft Shops Miscellaneous Stores. (predominantly Retailers).
HIGH Art Dealers and Galleries Miscellaneous Stores. (Retailers).
HIGH Stamp and Coin Stores – Philatelic and Numismatic Supplies
HIGH Religious Goods Stores
HIGH Orthopedic Goods Prosthetic Devices
HIGH Cosmetic Stores
HIGH Pet Shops, Pet Foods, and Supplies Stores
HIGH Miscellaneous and Specialty Retail Stores
HIGH Financial Institutions – Merchandise and Services Such merchandise and services may include checks and other financial products, promotional merchandise, loan fees, and financial counselling service fees. (May be used in the authorization message in some CRYPTOCURRENCY transactions).
HIGH Non-Financial Institutions – Foreign Currency, Money Orders (not wire transfer) and Travelers Cheques. (Also, Non-Fiat Currency (eg, cryptocurrency), Account Funding (Not Stored Value Load), Debt Repayment). Quasi-Cash Merchant. Identifies the purchase, with a Mastercard or Maestro card, of travellers cheques, foreign currency, or money orders, or the use of a Mastercard card to open or fund a deposit account, at a location other than a Mastercard customer financial institution location. This type of industry may also be used to identify transactions in which a merchant accepts a Mastercard or Maestro card for payment of existing debt, such as a private label card or vehicle loan. In addition, this industry type must be used to identify transactions involving the purchase of CRYPTOCURRENCY.
HIGH Security Brokers/Dealers Merchants that buy, sell, and broker securities, stocks, bonds, commodities, and mutual funds. Forex.
HIGH Real Estate Agents and Managers – Rentals Fees charged by merchants engaged in the rental and management of residential and commercial properties, such as real estate agents, brokers, and managers, and apartment rental services. Such fees may include management fees, real estate rental commissions, and real estate rental payments.
HIGH Timeshares Retailers that sell, lease, and rent timeshare real estate and arrange timeshare condominium exchanges.
HIGH Dating and Escort Services Merchants that provide dating and escort services, including computer and video personal introduction and matchmaking services.
HIGH Tax Preparation Service Merchants that exclusively provide income tax return preparation services without auditing, accounting, or bookkeeping services.
HIGH Miscellaneous Personal Services Not Elsewhere Classified Personal Service Providers (merchants that do not fall under any other industries, eg animal boarding, bathhouses, house sitting services, maid services, animal grooming and kennels, real estate agent, brokers, body piercing and tattooing, and others).
HIGH Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Business Services.
HIGH Computer Programming, Integrated Systems Design and Data Processing Services
HIGH Computer Maintenance and Repair Services Not Elsewhere Classified
HIGH Management, Consulting, and Public Relations Services
HIGH Business Services Not Elsewhere Classified
HIGH Car Rental Agencies/Companies Not Elsewhere Classified or Not Listed herein
HIGH Truck and Utility Trailer Rentals
HIGH Motor Home and Recreational Vehicle Rentals
HIGH Automobile Parking Lots and Garages
HIGH Automotive Body Repair Shops
HIGH Paint Shops – Automotive
HIGH Automotive Service Shops
HIGH Car Washes
HIGH Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair
HIGH (the US only) Government-Licensed On-Line Casinos (On-Line Gambling) – US Region only Is restricted to merchants located in the U.S. region and properly registered with the Card Association.
HIGH (the US only) Government-Licensed Horse/Dog Racing – US Region only Is restricted to merchants located in the U.S. region and properly registered with the Card Association.
HIGH Motion Pictures and Video Tape Production and Distribution Wholesale producers and distributors of educational and industrial films and videos for exhibition & sale, including TV commercials and training films.
HIGH Motion Picture Theaters Merchants that operate movie theatres, including drive-in theatres. Such merchants sell tickets and refreshments, and may or may not offer advance ticket reservations via the phone.
HIGH DVD / Video Tape Entertainment Rental Stores Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Dance Halls, Studios and Schools Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Theatrical Producers (except Motion Pictures), Ticket Agencies Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Bands, Orchestras, and Miscellaneous Entertainers Not Elsewhere Classified Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Billiard and Pool Establishments Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Bowling Alleys Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Commercial Sports, Athletic Fields, Professional Sport Clubs, and Sport Promoters Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Tourist Attractions and Exhibits Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Golf Courses – Public Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Video Amusement Game Supplies Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Video Game Arcades/Establishments Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Betting (including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-track Betting and Wagers at Race Tracks) Industry: Amusement and Entertainment. Gambling.
HIGH Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Circuses, Fortune Tellers Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Membership Clubs (Sports, Recreation, Athletic), Country Clubs, and Private Golf Courses Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Aquariums, Sea-aquariums, Dolphinariums Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Recreation Services Not Elsewhere Classified Industry: Amusement and Entertainment.
HIGH Doctors and Physicians Not Elsewhere Classified Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Dentists and Orthodontists Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Osteopaths Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Chiropractors Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Optometrists and Ophthalmologists Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Opticians, Opticians Goods and Eyeglasses Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Opticians, Optical Goods, and Eyeglasses (no longer valid for first presentments) Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Podiatrists and Chiropodists Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Nursing and Personal Care Facilities Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Hospitals Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Medical and Dental Laboratories Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Medical Services and Health Practitioners Not Elsewhere Classified Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Legal Services and Attorneys Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations.
HIGH Business and Secretarial Schools Business and secretarial schools that offer general business training such as business machine operation, office procedures, word processing, stenographic, and other clerical skills. Such schools offer a training certificate but do not offer.
HIGH Vocational Schools and Trade Schools Trade and vocational schools that offer training and instruction in specialized professions such as welding, mechanics, carpentry, real estate, and truck driving. Such schools offer a training certificate but do not offer academic degrees.
HIGH Schools and Educational Services Not Elsewhere Classified Merchants that offer educational courses and services that are not described by another more specific industry. Such merchants include schools that teach music, drama, art, cooking, modelling, karate schools, automobile driving instruction, traffic safety, flying instruction, and sewing or knitting instruction.
HIGH Child Care Services Merchants that provide child care services, including nannies, nursery schools, and daycare centres. These merchants typically care for infants and preschool children, but may also care for older children, and may or may not provide educational programs.
HIGH Automobile Associations Automobile associations and clubs. Such merchants provide members with special services such as travel and road condition information, maps and guides, and special rates at restaurants, hotels, and car rental agencies. These merchants often charge an annual membership fee.
HIGH Membership Organizations Not Elsewhere Classified Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations. Organizations or associations that are not described by another, more specific industry. Examples include historical clubs, labour unions, poetry clubs, art councils, and tenant or condominium associations.
HIGH Testing Laboratories (non-medical) Industry: Professional Services and Membership Organizations. Merchants that provide non-medical testing services to other businesses. Examples of such services include automobile testing, calibration, and certification, food testing, forensic testing, product and pollution testing, and industrial X-ray inspection services.
HIGH Architectural – Engineering and Surveying Services Merchants that provide professional architectural, engineering, and land, water, and aerial surveying services. Included are home and building designers, ship, boat, and machine engineers and designers, and architectural engineers.
HIGH Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services Merchants that provide accounting, bookkeeping, billing, payroll and other related auditing services, including Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Such merchants also may provide income tax preparation services in addition to accounting and auditing services.
HIGH Professional Services Not Elsewhere Defined Merchants engaged in traditional professions that offer highly specialized services, and often require employees to obtain advanced or specialized education or training to provide the services. Examples of such merchants include mortgage brokers, research firms, financial planners, graphic designers, guest speakers and lecturers, court stenographers, real estate appraisers, research firms, and auction houses.
LOW Horticultural Services, Landscaping Services
LOW Carpentry Contractors
LOW Miscellaneous Publishing and Printing
LOW Typesetting, Plate Making, & Related Services
LOW Speciality Cleaning, Polishing, and Sanitation Preparations
LOW Office, Photographic, Photocopy, and Microfilm Equipment Wholesale distributors.
LOW Hardware Equipment and Supplies
LOW Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies
LOW Durable Goods Not Elsewhere Classified Wholesale Distributors
LOW Stationery, Office Supplies, Printing, and Writing Paper Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers
LOW Piece Goods Notions, and Other Dry Goods Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers
LOW Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.
LOW Florists’ Supplies, Nursery Stock and Flowers Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.
LOW Paints, Varnishes, and Supplies Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.
LOW Non-durable Goods Not Elsewhere Classified Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers.
LOW Massage Parlors Personal Service Providers. Retailers.
LOW Stenographic and Secretarial Support Services
LOW Exterminating and Disinfecting Services
LOW Information Retrieval Services Wholesale Providers of online and database information retrieval and search services on a contract or fee basis.
LOW Photofinishing Laboratories, Photo Developing
LOW Towing Services
LOW Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair Shops
LOW Electrical And Small Appliance Repair Shops
LOW Welding Repair