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The list of documents to verify the account

Depending on the chosen account type: Business or Personal, it is necessary to submit a different document package for verification.

To verify a Personal account you need:

  • Full-sized picture with 4 edges visible when the document is fully opened: International passport, ID card or driver’s license, or an internal passport translated into English and notarized. The documents are listed in order of priority. Documents must have a validity period.
  • A document confirming the place of residence (not older than three months from the date of issue): scanned payment of utility bills (excluding bills for telecommunication services and the Internet), bank statement.

To verify a Business account it is required to offer:

  1. A document, confirming the state registration of the company, that indicates:
    • Company name;
    • Company registration number;
    • Registration date;
    • Company address.
  2. A document confirming ownership, that indicates:
    • Company name;
    • The owner(s) of the company;
    • The number of shares in the authorized capital of the company.
    • Document/protocol on the appointment of the director
    • Memorandum & Articles of Association/Constitution/Statute/other statutory documents
    • Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Incumbency/extract from register/issued within three months
    • Company structure of ownership signed by the beneficiary
    • If the company is registered in a country where there is a requirement for the payment of the authorized capital, it is necessary to provide a document confirming its payment.
    • If the company’s business type is subject to compulsory licensing, you must provide a license.
    • If the founders of the company include a legal entity, it is also necessary to provide registration documents of the founder and the ownership structure signed by the company’s beneficiary.
    • Suppose the company or the beneficiary (director/manager) is not located in the European Economic Area. In that case, it is also necessary to provide a document confirming the origin of the beneficiary’s funds before the company’s opening.
    • Suppose the company at some stage has a nominee director, beneficiary or shareholder. In that case, it is necessary to submit a trust declaration or an agreement on the provision of nominee services.
  3. Each beneficiary, as well as executives/general managers, must provide:
    • Identity document;
    • proof of residence (POR) not older than 3 months from the issuing date;
    • CV or links to social media profiles.
  4. If the registration (place of residence) of the beneficiary is not in the European Economic Area, in addition, it is necessary to provide a source of funds – a document that discloses the sources of funds and their legality for the period before the formation of the company.
    The sources of funds can be:

    • bank statement;
    • statement of wages at the previous place of work;
    • agreements, beneficiary accounts with counterparties, concluded before the date of formation of the company, or any other documents declaring income with an indication of their origin.

We can ask for additional information or request additional documents for verification. You will find the list of necessary documents in continuation of your application.